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Well, I just watched about a minute of a two minute YouTube from the show and I don't know if I could take the whole show. That loss of your children as children is on of the most surprising heartaches in life. And to see them again like that...

I don't remember knowing anything about the Vietnam War until I was a Junior in high school or maybe a Senior.


It ends well, as I guess you know if you read the Wikipedia entry, so it's not as bad as it might seem. It's one of the ones Rod Serling himself wrote, and as I've learned from watching so many of these he tended toward the heavy-handed message story, which made it a little easier--I mean, if it hadn't been so heavy-handed, it would have been more moving. "surprising heartache"--yes indeed.

I have this same reaction when I think about seeing my Grandmother again. There is a scene in Peggy Sue Got Married, when Peggy Sue, having woken up as her teenage self, answers the phone and hears her grandmother's voice. I can hardly bear to watch it. I would give anything to talk to my grandmother again.


I don't think I would have that reaction, but it's good that you do.

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