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My front yard, as of about fifteen minutes ago; the haze in the middle is a result of the lens fogging up when brought from the air-conditioned house to the very humid outdoors:


So Isaac, having barely attained hurricane strength, has bypassed us and headed for Louisiana instead. Unless something changes drastically, this will prove to be a fairly mild event, even for those in its path, which seems to be quite a disappointment to the people at the Weather Channel, who give every appearance of cheering for the storm. We haven't even had more than a sprinkle of rain, and a few wind gusts.

And everyone is either laughing at or complaining  about the various officials who called for evacuations, shut down schools, and so forth. The college where I work is closed today and tomorrow, though I won't be surprised if they call the staff back. So I'm getting an unexpected day or two off. It appears a ridiculous panicky over-reaction, but in fairness to those who made the decisions it has to be said that you just never know what these storms will do. And better safe than sorry is usually a good policy. Anyway, I'm not complaining.


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It reminds me of the many, many days that schools close because of snow and then you see children out playing in their shirt sleeves all day long.

I, however, am never sorry when the seminary closes on these days.


I'm sure the many students who are having an unexpected holiday are not at all sorry. But I think they're going to have to make it up later in the year.

We have very, very few snow-related closings here. Two or three per century, maybe.

Well, that's more than we have hurricane-related closings. ;-)


The rain has finally arrived, in a big way. Seems like you should get some, at least. I hope the midwest does, too.

likes this

On the way to Australia! Cool!

Why are you going to Australia, Grumphy? Aren't you teaching classes?


I am still on the way. Flight leaves at 2.30. I was just feeling very 'on the way' last night. Janet, I get to miss exactly zero classes. 0. Thursday's class is a showing of Broadway Danny Rose, and my GA is doing that. Friday, no class. I am returning on Sunday. Because the time goes backwards in the other direction I arrive about the time I leave, ie, on Sunday. So I escape not a moment of contact with undergraduates. It is a conference on the philosophy of history at Campion College, Sidney, Australia. It's a new Catholic college and I thought I would go and have a dekko. Take a look.

I can tell that you are very much more the world traveler than I am. I don't think I could spend that much time in the air for that little time on the ground, but then I'm claustrophobic. My plan if I ever get to go to Europe is to go on a ship.


So you are getting the boat to St. Jean ? to start the camino

Not any time soon. Actually, if I do that I will probably end up flying. It will be part of the sacrifice.


Wow, Grumphy, you're going to be pummelled by jet lag. I hope next week is a fairly undemanding one for you.

What's the origin of "dekko"? I want to say I've heard something like "rekky" for "reconnaissance" (sp?) in English movies but I could be making that up.

I'm trying not to think about the jet lag.

I don't know the origin of dekko, but Paul probably does.

A bird nested in my window when I went to Spain. It's got two little chicks in the nest. I pulled down the blind when I returned so it wouldn't be freaked out by the sight of me at the desk three feet away. It sits there and says, 'whoo, whoo'.

The last time we had a bird nest that close it was in some kind of flower pot/basket on the front porch. The poor bird got as far as laying a nice set of eggs, but my wife noticed them disappearing one by one. Then we saw a snake lurking around. There's a reason why snakes are an effective symbol of evil.

Yeah, well, we know what happens at our house.


Janet, flying is definitely a penance compared to sailing. My family moved across the Atlantic by ship, twice, when I was a teenager. It was splendid. Have you heard Flanders & Swann on the topic?

Mac, I am glad you were spared.

Thanks. In general this area has had no more than inconveniences. As you probably know parts of Louisiana are having some serious flooding because the dang storm just sat there and sat there and sat there dumping rain. We had about 6 inches/15cm, which is actually a little less than we got from one massive t'storm last spring.

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