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A Drowned Forest

A fascinating story from the Sunday paper, by environmental reporter Ben Raines: it seems that the sea-floor-shifting power of Hurricane Katrina exposed the remains of an old cypress forest, now 60 feet (roughly 20 meters) below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and 10 miles (16km) from land. In other words, 10,000 years or so ago these sunken stumps were part of the river delta leading out into the gulf. It makes me think that my battle against erosion on the shore of Mobile Bay is certainly bound to be lost in the long run, at least until we have another Ice Age. Watch the video if you can.


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I showed it to my stepmother. Recently, they discovered a wooden 'stone circle' from around the same era (Late Bronze Age) on the shore line near where we live in Norfolk. They also discovered a mammoth near the cliffs!

The video is very beautiful, but I find something human made somewat more poignant.

Interesting reaction. I hadn't thought about it but now that you mention it, I would say it's more poignant, too.

I've always loved those films of old sunken ships. This was very nice, too. I like to think about being down there, but it's not anything I every expect to do.


I might try it if I had the chance, but I think it's not very likely to happen.

I find sunken ships kind of disturbing, though, because I think of people trapped in them as they sank. I saw a movie at a fairly early age where someone was trapped in a a space--can't remember whether it was a sinking ship or what--with slowly rising water and it made too big an impression on me.

so I geuss you didn't read Ron Hansen's book about the nuns from the Wreck of the Deutschland? :)

I was going to be amazed at the speed of your trip, but I thought to look at a map first. I would never have guess those two cities were so close.

No, but I did read The Perfect Storm, which has a very detailed and informative two-or-three-page description of the process of drowning.

Actually I might like the Hansen book, despite that aspect of it. It has more to do with a lack of enthusiasm for the one Hansen book I did read. I thought it was good but...I don't know, I just wasn't enthused.

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