Sunday Night Journal — November 18, 2012
Anglican Catholic News

Dawn Eden on The Journey Home

I expect most people who read this blog know of Dawn. Her conversion story is pretty powerful, and connects with a couple of recent discussions here, including this week's Sunday Night Journal, about the state of relations between the sexes, and this one, which touched on the apparently absent sense of God's absence among so many young people. She was a guest on EWTN's The Journey Home, and it's a fascinating and engaging episode. You can watch the video at her blog, and also at YouTube if that doesn't work as well (sometimes it doesn't).


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Wow, she is great. And the interviewer too. I wish my conversion story were that interesting. :-) I can see why she's on the speaking circuit too, she's extremely (like you said) engaging.

I'm definitely adding her to my list of blogs.

I think she doesn't actually blog there anymore, just uses it for periodic announcements. Still, worth keeping up with.

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