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Sunday Night Journal — November 18, 2012

Frank Sinatra: Ring-A-Ding-Ding

Weekend Music

(I know, it's already Saturday afternoon here, Saturday night in Europe, and sometime Sunday in Australia and New Zealand.)

This is by very far not my favorite Sinatra song, but I heard it more or less accidentally, on XM radio in a rented car, a couple of days ago, and the lyric had an interesting connection to the book I'd been reading, and which I'm planning to write about tomorrow.



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I just got a chance to listen to this. It's kind of sweet, isn't it. It's not what I expected.


Yes, it is. I think the songwriters probably did Sinatra a favor in the way they used his favored phrase. I.e. they probably made it sweeter than it was for him.


I also meant to say that my favorite part of renting a car is the XM radio. I might even be willing to pay extra for it.


And about it being sweeter than it was for Sinatra, when I heard that line about his heart going ring-a-ding-ding, my first thought (shame on me) was, "That's not your heart," but I was wrong!



Sinatra I was never crazy about. Largely, I think, because my mother didn’t have much use for him. And this was because he was a Catholic who had divorced his first wife, mother of his three children, and gone on to greener pastures (that is, Ava Gardner). Life really was very different in 1950s America. ;-)

Anyway, one day in the late 1960s, as I was napping in a hotel room in Mexico City, his “Strangers in the Night” came pouring through the windows and woke me up. The hotel was right next to a girls’ school and there they all were, in the schoolyard, dancing in couples to the song. It so charmed me, that I almost became one of his fans.

What an image.


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