A Christmas Caryll (5)
Sunday Night Journal — December 30, 2012

A Christmas Caryll (6)

Our conception of Christ colors our whole life; it informs everything that we touch with its spirit; it makes us what we are.

Nothing could be more untrue than the often-repeated misstatement that we all worship the same God; or that other, that whatever we worship the result is the same.

Nothing matters more than having a true knowledge of Christ....

In the degree of the truth of our conception of Him, our minds grow broader, deeper, and warmer; our hearts grow wiser and kinder; our humor deeper and more tender; we become more aware of the wonder of life; our senses become more sensitive; our sympathies stronger; our capacity for giving and for receiving greater; our minds are made radiant with a burning light, and the light is the light of Christ.

--Caryll Houselander, The Reed of God



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You have me really looking forward to doing The Reed of God with the Undergraduates

I wish I could sneak into that class.


This class ran first this time last year, with 17 students. It was the first successful course I taught in the US. This semester I have 55 students. It's much more difficult to interact with that many.

That's good, though. It appears that word is getting out. I'd like to take it, too.

Which reminds me: I don't know if it was that mention of comps a few days ago or what, but last night I dreamed the academic nightmare which good students, of which I am not one, often report. Immediately after avoiding a car crash on an icy road with a striking combination of luck and skill, I remembered that I was in graduate school and taking three courses in addition to having a full-time job, and that I had not done any work or attended any classes for one of them, and the semester was more than half over. Well, I guess it wasn't quite a full-fledged nightmare, because I told myself I could probably still withdraw. Very unpleasant, though.

Wow typical anxiety dream!
I only have those when I'm worried about something specific, like waiting on a publisher's report on a book or the result of a job interview. I had them when I was waiting to know the outcome of my interview here, nearly exactly three years ago (Jan 15).

I don't teach much about Caryll Houselander. I just get them to read the book and discuss it with them. Last time they liked it a lot.

I've never had any such dream, and would have found the idea of it bizarre, but in the past year I have had nightmares about first-year students being washed away in torrents. Does that make me a good teacher?

I never had, either, which was why it was so odd. My wife, who is a good student, has them pretty regularly, as do some other good students I know. Yes, I think that makes you a good teacher--or else a pretty bad one.:-)

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