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"Quite frankly, I think a lot of people want more sex, particularly with Elizabeth and Darcy," she says.


What's that emoticon for "rolls eyes"?

I do like the dresses of the period though (but perhaps with a bit less cleavage).

All in all, modern clothes have taken a hideous turn for the worse.

"more sex"--clods. Yet I admit to continued mild surprise that women are in the forefront of sexing everything up nowadays.

Yeah, that was where I stopped reading.


This jumped out at me: might be seen as incongruous that Austen's fandom is so extensive in the US, a nation founded on the rejection of aristocracy and old world manners and traditions.

So, we rejected not just aristocracy, but manners and traditions.

Love the way the Brits always seem to manage, in one way or another, to call us bumptious clods.

That didn't really bother me, since it says "old world" manners and traditions. We did dump most of that pretty thoroughly.

Yet I admit to continued mild surprise that women are in the forefront of sexing everything up nowadays.

Yes, it's weird.

I've said here before that modern people seem to have lost the sense of Romance.

I remembering reading a review of a new novel ten or twelve years ago, something set in England between the wars. One of the praises of the book boiled down to, "It's just like Jane Austen, except with sex!"

Needless to say, I skipped the book.

There are quite a few people who, not reading particularly deeply or well, view Austen as some sort of proto-feminist. It's rubbish of course, but if you're an ideologue you can twist anything to fit your ideology.

I have heard complaints from reviewers about the lack of sex in...The Lord of the Rings. Even from the point of view that sex in novels is a good thing, that's sort of like complaining about the lack of chocolate sauce on your roast beef.

I always had the impression that an awful lot of romance novels are Jane Austen with sex. Very bad Jane Austen, of course, but a plot roughly along the lines of P&P.

Nowadays you can buy romance novels in various degrees of sexiness. Harlequin, for instance, has lines named Romance, Desire, and Blaze, among others.

As far as I am concerned, the world would be a better place if more people behaved as though they lived in an Austen novel.

There is a movie called The Jane Austen Book Club which follows the interplay of Austen's books and the love lives of the members of the women reading her. Not an especially good movie to my taste, but there's one place where a woman who's about to do something she shouldn't changes her mind by thinking of what JA would do or approve. I was slightly surprised by that, and appreciative of it

A new rubber wristband: WWJAD?

I thought "what would Jane do?" sort of rang a bell. It gets many hits on Google, including mention of the scene in the movie I was talking about. I *thought* I remembered that she sees a sign with that message on it, but I wasn't sure. She does.

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