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You know, as much as I dislike what Obama is doing, I can understand why some people like them. And as much as I disagree with things like homosexual marriage, and paying for people's birth control, and even abortion, I can understand why some people are for them. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why Biden has admirers, or why anyone thinks he should be VP. I can't even figure out what made Obama choose him for a running mate.


Neo-neocon has a fairly convincing explanation for Biden and other second-or-worse-rate people around Obama: Obama likes to see himself as the smartest person in the group, and doesn't want any potential rivals.

That's funny because I had written, unless he just wanted to make himself look good by comparison, and then deleted it.


You were on the right track.:-) Neo's view is plausible because while Obama is clearly a bright guy he seems to think he's really extra-specially smart, which I don't think is the case, and he also seems a bit of a narcissist. (Some would say lots more than a bit.)

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