No doubt you have often wondered...
Écrasez l'infâme, still?


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This is wonderful. I keep thinking about it.


I was wondering if anyone had actually watched it.

Well, you know two people have. It is pretty difficult to find 12 uninterrupted minutes, but well worth it.


I've watched it too. Not my cup of tea so much, but it is well done.

I didn't think I was going to like it at first, but was won over about a third of the way through or so. I thought the steadily rising water as a metaphor for time, and of ever-deeper diving for the recovery of memories, was brilliant.

Not just time, but all of life's difficulties. I also kept thinking about Matthew 7:25--"And the rains fell and the foods came ..."


Maybe Paul is too young.


Yes, I meant to say that it's probably more likely to hit home to people whose past is a whole lot longer than their future (earthly).

Bill noticed that the last room he built had a pointed rather than a flat roof.


I didn't notice that. Very good.

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