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Rev. Gary Davis: Crucifixion

Weekend Music

If you thought last week's Rev. Gary Davis track was the real stuff, you may like this even better, (although it never actually gets to the crucifixion). It's seven and a half minutes long, so wait till you have a bit of time. 

I'm done with dyin' and I ain't gon' die no mo'


Some people may have trouble understanding a few words here and there, as it's not only black American, it's antique and country. If you can't make out some of them, ask me, as I think I got them all. I grew up around people who talked like this and I miss it. The world is a duller place without it. Today's urban black dialect, though obviously connected, doesn't seem as rich to me (as is the case with the urban white dialect as compared to that of country white contemporaries of the Reverend).


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