Beasts of the Southern Wild
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Thank you for the link! :)

You're welcome. Very valuable research. :-) I am a great believer in Sundays off.

When I was coming in to the church from a Protestant background devoid of liturgy, a priest explained to me that liturgically, every Sunday is Easter Sunday, thus it is never appropriate to fast or abstain on the day we celebrate the Lord's resurrection.

Yes, that's the idea, but there seems to be a strong contingent that says otherwise.

I like the name of your blog.

So, apart from that interesting prohibition against surf 'n turf or the kind of hoity-toity dinner with a fish course during Lent that held true for Sundays as well as weekdays, the instruction is clear: there is no fasting or abstinence on Sundays.

oh... dang

I hate it when I forget to close brackets.

Good to see some controversy for once, Maclin. :)

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