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In the Objective Room

First and Last

Again, whatever science my mind is cultivating, on whatever object it fixes its thoughts, whether I reflect upon others or upon myself, all lifts me up to God, all leads me back to him; he is the first link in the chain to which all truths hold; he is the last, in which they all end. I know nothing thoroughly, either in philosophy or in morals, if I do not know God, and I cannot reason as I should on anything if I ignore God as the first cause, and the last end of all things.

--Fr. Jean-Nicolas Grou, S.J. (1731-1803)


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Very nice.

Did you do something to your picture up there, or is my computer doing strange things?


Yes, that's a different picture. Or rather a different version of the same picture. Long story. I probably won't leave this one.

Lovely quote.

I like that picture, but I think if you kept it, you would have to change the color of everything else a bit.


Agreed, it really doesn't look right. The problem is that I can't get at the other one at the moment. So I may have to re-create it from this one (this is what I started with).

This is exactly why I've never messed around with the picture on my blog. There are somethings I would like to try. but I'm afraid if they didn't work out, I'd never get them back the right way again.


I'm not so worried about that, as I generally make a copy of anything I'm changing. But...the problem here is that the original image is on my old web site, and for some reason it's been inaccessible. And I had to have had a copy of it on a local machine in order to get it to the web site, but haven't been able to find it--just this original, before I messed with it.

Just went to what I think is your old website -- is this the photo ?

I was able to right-click on it where it's on the site's homepage and save it to my computer.

Yes, that's it, or at least one very close to the one. This is weird--I can get to that link, too (and just downloaded it), but the main site and specific pages are still timing out.

And thanks.

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