The Impossible Beautiful Truth
About That Foot-Washing Business

Florence is one of those girls who look on modern enlightened thought as a sort of personal buddy, and receive with an ill grace cracks at its expense.

--Wodehouse, Joy in the Morning


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I love that man.


To quote Steve Martin, some people have a way with words. Some people...uh, not have way.

I've been reading a chapter of this every night at bedtime, and rarely go more than two pages without at least an audible chuckle. This line produced an actual laugh.

When I first read Jeeves and Wooster, I was in my 20s and very serious. I thought it was just stupid and couldn't figure out why my friend liked it. Now, I think that being able to make people laugh like he does is a very superior gift.


I think I found Wodehouse mildly amusing at best until I had some really depressing times in the mid-to-late 1990s, and suddenly found him really funny and a pretty effective anti-depressant.

We listened to a lot of Wodehouse's books (read, I believe by Stephen Fry) on tape in the car. Sometimes, though, the hilarity just builds and builds until you are laughing so hard that you really shouldn't be driving.


I never get over laughing at that "fretful porpentine" business. There are going to be fewer and fewer people now capable of getting a lot of his humor, because so much of it is based on the Bible, Shakespeare, and English poetry in general (much of which I miss, too, or only half-recognize).

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