Monsignor Robert H. Benson: Lord of the World
Amy Welborn On the Papal Transition


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Talk about scary words! I click on the link and it says "Catchable Fatal Error." Well, it's been nice knowing y'all!


Having read, or at least scanned the whole homily, "Yes, yes, yes!" Of course, you know, I just want to join the Order of Christ Crucified. I'm pretty sure that Pope Francis already has.


Hmm, looks like TypePad actually messed up that link--the link itself was ok, but the surrounding code, generated by TypePad, was wrong. Anyway, fixed, thanks for telling me.

Actually my very favorite thing Francis has said is "the shepherd should smell like the sheep."

Well, it was fixed. Then it wasn't. So I took the #@!^&* thing out.

Yes, I like the shepherd quote, too.


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