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Baudelaire On Satan

Are Dogs Funnier Than Cats?

Yesterday I clicked on a news story with that title because I thought it would be amusing and was curious as to what the answer would be, and how it was determined.  As it turned out, it was amusing more because of its slight earnest professor-analyzing-a-joke quality than for the light it shed on the subject. I was not expecting an attempt to answer the question scientifically: how could it be answered in any way except very subjectively? Also unexpected was the discovery that "canine behavioral researcher" is apparently an actual occupation--although, well, why shouldn't it be?--dogs are certainly interesting, and of importance to us in many ways.

Anyway: in general, actual dogs are funnier than actual cats, I think. I mean, as opposed to pictures of either with amusing captions added. Laughter at an adult cat--kittens are funny--is usually at the cat's expense, at its sense of dignity and self-importance. The dog's mixture of eagerness, earnestness, and goofiness, and their willingness to make, in human eyes, fools of themselves, makes them more likely to do funny things.


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Agree. As proof, there is no equivalent cat phrase for "hangdog", which is a just about perfect word if you have ever seen, and who has not, a guilt-ridden dog.

What is "hangdog?"

Sorry, I've been away all day. "hangdog"--I'm surprised you're not familiar with the term. I started to say maybe it's a southern expression but Daniel is from Michigan. It's that look that dogs usually get when they've been caught doing something forbidden--downcast, submissive, guilty, timid.

Nicholas Cage does "hangdog" beautifully, as in "Raisin Arizona"....

My comment disappeared into the abyss; let me try again: Nicholas Cage does an excellent "hangdog", eg, in "Raising Arizona"...

I think I like "Raisin Arizona" best. I heard it through the grape vine.


You learn something new etc.

I told you you were more cultured than me. Than I. Me. I.
Oh, whatever.

Here you go Rob:

I've been so busy that I didn't read that quote till just now. Hilarious. And I was planning to post something from Wodehouse tonight.

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