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Is Europe Heading for Serious Trouble?


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I'm sure it bored Henri to death.


Not quite to death--just to extreme ennui and alienation.

I love Henri. I don't like Grumpy Cat.

Competition, I guess.


Well, to me, the beauty of cats is their beauty! And grumpy cat has this squashed face which makes him for me to love....

I haven't seen Grumpy Cat. Not that big a fan of cat videos, actually.

I haven't worked out how cats can be so beautiful when they're so evil! But then, even Lucifer can appear as an angel of light.

Love last lines of the Henri video: “We cannot escape ourselves. And sometimes the cat door is closed.” Could pass for a Jean Paul Sarte–Simone de Beauvoir exchange, or maybe dialogue from My Night at Maud’s.

I guess y'all have seen this?

Aha...maybe those warnings are the real reason this guy in New Zealand is waging a campaign to rid the country of cats.

" has dubbed cats “natural born killers” "


I guess he might have something of a point about feral cats. But then there are the rats and mice...

"natural born killers" - he says that like it's a bad thing! I don't mind that they kill mice etc, I just think they're evil in other kinds of ways. :)

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