Is Europe Heading for Serious Trouble?
"The joy of life is diminishing"



The great thing about digital photography is that if you don't get the picture you intended, you can turn it into something else. Well, one of two great things: the other is that you can take as many pictures as you want with no added expense apart from battery use. Ok, three things: you don't have to wait several days or longer to see the results.


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That's really nice.


It is, yes.

Glad y'all like it. The original, by the way, is much larger and in rather washed-out color. This is maybe 20-25% of the original. Someday maybe I'll get a good clear picture of a gull in flight.

Having this picture on the page finally forced me to put back the right banner picture.

I was getting to really like the other one, but still not with this background.


Yes, it's an ok picture, it just didn't fit.

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