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And I suppose he's helping to bring about a situation where it will be a positive advantage.

Good for Scalia.

From a report on a recent incident involving Chicago's Archbishop Francis Cardinal George in connection with a Mass on the 25th anniversary of the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach group:

In advance of the Mass, GLN and RSM issued a press release stating: "The Cardinal in his most recent column in the Chicago Catholic New World indicates in the first two paragraphs that he wants to take part in public conversation about gay marriage but closes off further discussion when he says that the subject is closed by reason of Jesus' statements about marriage in Matthew's Gospel. We doubt the Cardinal's sincerity in this matter. He follows up by congratulating those who successfully urged Illinois legislators recently to give no consideration to a bill allowing same-sex marriage in the state. ... Clearly he does not agree with the concept of separation of Church and State when it comes to marriage."

"Our message to the Cardinal is simple: hate is easy, love takes courage, and the kind of faith-based bigotry he promotes is not welcome in Chicago's LGBT Community," Murray said. "This visit is especially poignant since it takes place during June which is the month our community celebrates Gay Pride.

"Cardinal George continues to be a bigot and those who passively support him and do not speak out about this vile homophobia are as much part of the problem as the Cardinal."

Things are only going to get much worse, I fear.

That's about as safe a prediction as I can think of. I think we can look on yesterday as a tipping point. The homosexual movement is now massively energized and confident and pressing on to the next objective, which is to make all states recognize SSM. I look at the headlines and find our president sounding the charge.

The disreputable John Derbyshire offered this recently:

Most likely Jeb Bush is writing in a natural, effortless way for his fellow Tutsis, his fellow members of the Overclass. That he despises us Hutus is of no importance: so do the other Tutsis. Funneling candidates through the presidential primary process is now an entirely Tutsi operation, with Hutus allowed to participate only as light relief. This is a book for the funnelers.

Contemplating the behavior of Congress and contemplating the behavior of the appellate judiciary leads one to a stark conclusion: we are an occupied country, and our elite class is as incompetent as it is indifferent to the sentiments and interests of the rest of us. I do not think this is going to end well.

Your last sentence is more or less identical to what's been running through my mind for the last day or two. Occasionally before that, of course, but pretty steadily since yesterday.

You also echo something which I thought I read on NRO a few weeks ago, but can't locate now: that many people here and in Europe are beginning to recognize that they are governed by an elite that despises them.

Where did that Derbyshire stuff appear, btw? Talk about a mixed bag--sometimes he is excellent, sometimes completely off the wall. I really liked his Straggler column in NR, as it generally avoided his more noxious views.

It appeared in Takimag, which, like palaeo literature generally, is a jumble of trash and the odd treasure.

From what I've seen of Takimag I wouldn't even call it conservative, just curmudgeonly.

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