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ZZ Top: Jesus Just Left Chicago

Weekend Music

Because I heard it a few days ago and still have it in my head, and maybe also because it's summer: simple food, simply cooked with natural ingredients and a bit of flair, tasty and satisfying.


I could play most of that (with a fair amount of work). It's almost surprising that ZZ Top's straightforward formula has remained popular, while remaining constant, for so long. The original recording of the song was already pretty old by pop music standards--seven years--when the above concert took place, and it varies only slightly from the recording. Here's how they did it thirty years later: 


Irreverent? I guess, but

You don't have to worry
Because takin care of business is his name


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I remember when you first posted this. I bought the CD and still play it.

Cool. But it's funny--I knew I had reviewed that whole cd (Tres Hombres) some years ago, but a number of attempts with Google yesterday failed to turn up the review.

Oh wait, here it is. This is weird: I usually don't use the TypePad search, because it isn't that reliable, but instead go to Google and use the "site:" keyword to restrict the search to this site. That's what I did yesterday, and Google didn't find it, but TypePad did. Odd.

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