Dylan Interpretations
H.P. Lovecraft: The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Alas for me! For I have beheld the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep, which dwelt in the red cooler in the kitchen. Full many and many a dark aeon, even since the Fourth of July, had it brooded in darkness, forgotten of men and nurturing the impious vengeance merited by that forgetting, and gathered unto itself certain unhallowed vermin of the lower air, which whispered foully to it of what it might become. And in the end it was that blasphemous thing of which the sly and ill-favoured merchants who embarked from the black galleons in the port of Dylath-Leen to trade in rubies of doubtful origin would speak only in whispers.  And when it had been carried into the uttermost reaches of Y'ard, and, emerging from the cooler, slid loathsomely over the withered and unwholesome vegetation, none there was who could say what that thing once had been but I, who cast it out, and am the same who beheld it and knew it for what it was. And I fear that the shadow of that unholy vision will never depart from me, nor the stench ever fade entirely from the red cooler.

--from "The Forgotten Watermelon of Ga-Yfer", by Dunwich Arkham


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Ithink it's time to read something else.


is that from the spambot :)



At least it wasn't in your freezer.


I once bought a Leftbehind novel, because I was writing a dictionary article on interpretations of the book of Revelation. It disappeared. After two weeks I found I had put it in the fridge, with the other groceries I bought that day.

he. At least the watermelon belonged in the cooler to start with.

Caught myself in the act of doing something similar a day or two ago--putting something in the fridge that didn't belong there at all. I was glad I caught it.

I probably could write a book about things I've put in the fridge that didn't belong there. An iron for one.


Were you the one who found it, or did you have to suffer familial snickers?

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