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Joe Pug: Bury Me Far From My Uniform

Weekend Music

 Be warned: this is an emotionally intense song. 


I've seen this referred to as an anti-war song, and implicitly it is, but it's more personal than political, not a statement but a picture of an all-too-real human situation. Pug himself said:

The song nearly wrote itself and yet I released it with great reluctance.  There is a certain reverence that any decent person affords soldiers and their sacrifices. I was, and remain still, troubled that this song might violate that decency.  Having never served myself I’m not always sure whether it is inspiring or insulting. I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of both reactions.  In the end, the song stands on its own, and the distinction is yours to make.

The fact that he gave the song away in honor of Memorial Day (2010) certainly speaks to his honest intentions.

You can stream or download five free songs at his website.  


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