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Apparently someone found my blog today by googling, "Cat extinguishing frog." I don't quite understand this, because when I search for that phrase, my blog does not appear in the results. I wish it did, because I would love to see which post would show up.


I don't know where other bloggers get these very interesting search terms. I use SiteMeter, and although it informs that a pretty high proportion of visitors got here from Google, it doesn't tell me what their search terms were.

I tried "cat-extinguishing frog" but that didn't turn up your blog, either.

I love these spam-bots!

I think it's just the normal Blogger stats program. However, I get tons of hits from google and it only tells me what a few of the searches were.


There must be some technical reason why it doesn't tell you that information all the time. TypePad's stats are pretty poor. That's why I kept SiteMeter after I moved. It gives a lot of detail about where the visiting machine is, what kind of OS and browser, what language, etc.--nothing that I especially need to know, but it's interesting. And now and then an entry that obviously came via a search engine includes details about that, like the one I just looked at that was a Yahoo search for "why are women more loyal then men" that found this post. But right alongside it is a Google referral that doesn't have any info at all.

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