Update on the Mystery Priest
The Obsequious Spambot


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I've read many blogs that made me feel that way, but this one isn't one of them.


That's good, because I do strive to avoid giving people the sensation of a claw on the brain.

Or at least striking people with it.


Surely that can't be a computer-generated translation of "hit the nail on the head"?

Computer-generated or not, that must be it. Hadn't occurred to me that it was based on that phrase, but now that you mention it, it is very much like those extremely literal English signs from various countries that are sometimes made sport of online. There's a whole site somewhere.

I've often wondered why spammers can't seem to get their stuff into English. Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to find someone who can speak reasonably convincing English. But if it's computer-generated that would make more sense.

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I have to admit that I've gotten to really enjoy my spam comments--especially since they seldom make it onto the blog. Sometimes they are the only comments I get for a long time.

It is a bit disturbing that 90% of my viewers are probably spambots.


I would like to be done with all this amassing on my problem areas. I wonder if striking them with a claw would help.


Sounds like a bad translation from the chinese. Grumpy

That's what I've always thought--Chinese or Japanese, like those old product manuals that were sometimes very funny.

I fear that amassing on problem areas is the human condition. "Next January I would like to see that I was happy with for that time."

I expect any but the really big blogs get more spambot visitors than anything else. There's probably a lot of stuff you never see. There certainly is with email. Our email spam catcher at work gets many thousands per day.

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