Three Novellas by H. P. Lovecraft
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I confess I never bought the Cure d'Ars idea

I didn't buy it. Like I said, I'm agnostic about things like that. But I liked the idea.

I'm glad it was a living priest. I think the thing is, I saw it first on Facebook, a link to a piece by a rather conservative Catholic which said, 'if this was a priest, you can be sure it was not a priest who is alive today.' I think it was the Catholic World Report and I think they started the rumour and I think it was malicious - in the sense of an ill meant suggestion about contemporary, living priests. So I'm glad it was a living priest, and you don't usually hear me commending the clergy.

I love supernatural stuff and ghosts and miracles. But that's not what this rumour was all about, in my opinion. It was malevolent.

I think the idea itself got started at the accident. If so it wasn't itself malevolent. But I agree with you that that interpretation ("you can be sure...") certainly is. It's not only offensive, it's dumb. There are many, many priests who would and do behave like this one did.

I have never understood why people though so easily it was a supernatural event, even if there was no photo evidence. It seems pretty normal behavior for priests, as far as I know, and there is no reason why a priest wouldn't be there, since it was a highway and priests travel.

In a country where people routinely see Jesus in grilled cheese sandwiches etc., it's not too surprising.

Well, I don't know about routinely. I only have that experience a few times a year.


As I feared, you are very much superior to me spiritually, because the only time anything remotely like that has ever happened to me was when I was a child, and it was only Santa Claus.

Either that, or I'm much better grilled cheese artist than you are.


Those grilled cheese sandwiches are mediaeval forgeries. Everyone knows that.

Funny, Louise.

I'm sure you are better at that, Janet. My grilled cheese sandwiches never look like anybody.

Wherever there's an entrepreneur, there's a way: The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Just posted a link to a place where you can buy a Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press, but I think it got caught in the spam filter. Or something.

I freed it. I can't believe someone actually went to the trouble of designing, making, and selling that. I can imagine someone thinking of it and laughing, but not actually doing it. It really does say something about entrepreneurs.

The images in my grilled cheese sandwiches are always night scenes.

I can believe that, Craig.




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