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What's Wrong With...? (Fun With Google)

Sometimes Google's auto-suggest feature produces interesting, amusing, and even vaguely poetic results. The other day I was looking for the blog What's Wrong With the World, which I read occasionally but haven't bookmarked, and this was Google's attempt to be helpful (click on the image to enlarge it):

Assuming these are ranked according to the number of requests made for them, it's interesting that more people asked "What's wrong with me?" than "What's wrong with the world?"

As I began to type "the," "What's wrong with the world?" moved up in the list.

I'm a little puzzled by some of those and am guessing that "What's wrong with the beer we got?" is a song title.... Oh no--it's an Alabama state legislator.



Actually I don't recall that legislation having anything to do with German immigrants but rather with the general interest in higher-quality beers than Budweiser etc.; the bill permitted the sale of beer with higher alcohol content than the standard 4% or whatever it is.

The guy at xkcd seems to have done a lengthy investigation using queries beginning with "Why." You can see the result here.

I should warn you not to start playing with this. It's very addictive.


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I could probably write an essay about most of those topics--or at least a blog post--but I won't.


The whys? Or the what's wrongs? Or both?

The what's wrongs. I haven't had a chance to look at the whys, and I make it a general rule not to look at xkcd at work. ;-)


Probably a good policy. In this case the contra-indication would be that you could spend an awful lot of time looking at the graphic. It contains a *whole* lot of "whys".

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