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Blossom Dearie: I Won't Dance

Weekend Music

The absence of comments on my previous Blossom Dearie post causes me to be concerned that people have failed to appreciate it. Obviously the solution for that is more Blossom Dearie.

I really like her on these upbeat tunes. I had not heard this charming and catchy little song before. As light as her touch is, she nevertheless suggests restrained but powerful passion and longing. The tune is by Jerome Kern, the lyrics by Dorothy Fields. That's Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, and Jo Jones on guitar, bass, and drums respectively, names which jazz fans will recognize. I like to think they're on this session (recorded in 1956) because they recognized what a special talent she was. The video, unfortunately, is silly Laurel and Hardy stuff that does not especially complement the song. 


One more: I absolutely love the way she does "Surrey With the Fringe On Top." Not my favorite song but she makes it enchanting. I believe this is from the Jack Parr show.



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I tried, I really did, to like Blossom's singing. But I find the childlike voice off-putting; I think because I find it contrived. Sort of the way Jack Paar projected an air of innocence, which I also never bought.

Ok, at least you tried, so you're excused. :-)

It doesn't sound contrived to me, it sounds like someone taking a very limited instrument and doing something really good with it. About Jack Paar, I never saw enough of him to have an opinion.

I had never before heard of Blossom Dearie. Not even from the previous post, which somehow escaped my attention. My initial reaction is not an urge to hear more - but I am on the verge of getting dinner on the table, so that may have something to do with it.

Oh well, I knew she was not for everybody. But perhaps when you're not as distracted by the needs of the flesh...

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