Tyranny of Liberalism 2
Motoring To A New World


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Yes, pretty much.

That's exactly what I was thinking when you posted the link to the men who want to give birth!

Oh no, now I'm confused. Some days I really believe I'm living in a Monty Python Skit, only it's not so funny and there's no John Cleese to make it better. :(


I don't even like to think about the physiology involved in that. [shudder]

I guess that was a pretty bigoted shudder.

Well, Thomas is really a woman, so the physiology is not so tricky. :P

I'm still ticked off that John Cleese is nowhere in sight.

But it says "he" has...a male part. How...what...?...[shudder] again.

At least we have his little remark at the end of this clip.

hehehe, very true :)

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