Tyranny of Liberalism 5
Last Word (maybe) on the Pope's Interview


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When I see an animal painting as well as Da Vinci, or attaining some other great achievement, I'll believe in the great intelligence of animals.

Somehow this supposedly near-human intelligence is only detectable through very elaborate scientific scrutiny and a lot of coaching of the animal.

"Many other species--from sharks to earwigs to rats--lead equally wondrous and worthy lives"

Earwigs and wondrous should not be used in the same sentence.

Agreed, although apparently they don't actually crawl into your ears and do scary things.

At least not very often.

What really cemented my fear and loathing of earwigs was the "Caterpillar" episode on the Night Gallery TV show.

In case you never saw it -- and lucky you if you didn't! -- you can read all about it here. But be warned: even just that description of it may haunt you.

Dr. Manger sounds like he is attempting to attract attention and make a name for himself.

Yes, but he's probably more or less right, too.

No, I never saw it, Marianne, and I think I'll skip the synopsis. Got enough stuff like that in my brain already.

"Got enough stuff like that in my brain already."

Heh heh. Very ironic, that!

I remember that episode well. Laurence Harvey is best known for having starred in 'The Alamo' and 'The Manchurian Candidate.'

Gah. I didn't think about the irony. [shudder]

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