And that would certainly be an intolerable situation
Have You Ever Wondered How Electronic Dance Music Is Made?


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"Kitsch"? What are you talking about ? This is pretty near musical perfection...

YES! like surf guitar.

Yes indeedy. As you may be aware, there was a big revival of this sound maybe 20 years or so ago. I don't know anything about this group, The Metalunas. But everybody knows this:

Perish the thought, Daniel--I was referring to the art work as kitsch, not the music.

I see I didn't really get my whole thought out last night--I was sleepy. I don't know much about The Metalunas (album obtained almost free from eMusic 8 or 10 years ago), but they seem to be part of that revival, which probably is continuing. Their stuff, and some of the others I've come across in this vein, has a tongue-in-cheek quality in the titles and album art, as in this example. But regardless of that, they do the style really well. And it's a style I've loved since first hearing it in my early teens or so.

I'd take Dick Dale over Clapton anytime.

I wouldn't go *that* far. But I do like Dick Dale. He's still active, you know:

I never knew he plays like Hendrix: left-handed and upside-down.

Yeah, that stuff is fun. You may like this:

Not exactly surf, but a cut from one of my all time fave Christian albums, one I played to death in my early college days, circa 1980.

Very good. Kinda punky in a fun way, without the baggage. I'd never heard of them.

They only did the one record under that name. Previous stuff had more of a novelty feel to it and was done as "Ishmael United." After that Rev Counta album the main guy, Ian Smale, went on to do a lot of children's work/music in the Evangelical community in Britain.

That one record though is very good. Like you said -- punk without the baggage. Some of it has a ska feel as well.

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