Merry Christmas!
Kathleen Battle and Wynton Marsalis: Silent Night

Past Three O'Clock

This is a carol I did not know until fairly recently but have come to love, by way of this King's College recording, which I think I've recommended before. It's an inexpensive two-disc set of wonderful performances of most of the best-known and some lesser-known carols, plus a Vaughan Williams "Fantasia on Christmas Carols" (which is the last thing in the set and which I confess I haven't really listened to). The recordings are from the early '60s, so not up to contemporary sound quality, but still very good. You can find the words here.




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Merry Christmas to all. I've been offline since Tuesday but I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Mac, if you like Britten's 'Ceremony...' I think you'll like RVW's 'Fantasia...' I try to listen to both every Christmas season.

A brief Christmas piece by Orthodox composer John Tavener, who passed away last month, sung here by the same choir you mention:

And Lauridsen's 'O Magnum Mysterium' by the same choir should not be missed:

What a lovely carol! It's a new one to me - thanks for sharing.

You're welcome. I love it. It has that deeply English quality that seems to touch some racial (in the old-fashioned sense) spot in me. Like "The Holly and the Ivy."

The Tavener piece is beautiful, Rob. I'm familiar with the Lauridsen one--my daughter who does choral singing has mentioned it more than once.

The reason I haven't really paid attention to the VW Fantasia is that it comes at the end of 2 hours of music, and by that time I'm not really listening. One of these days I'll sit down and listen to it alone.

I think I first heard 'Past Three O'Clock' on the Chieftains Christmas album "The Bells of Dublin." It's not a very commonly heard carol, at least in the States.

I just listened to the VW piece and it really is good. Thanks for pointing it out.

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