What do all those administrators do, anyway?
Three That Are More Than Period Pieces

Racial Progress in Alabama

Good news: two police officers are caught having sex on duty and demoted or suspended

Why is it good news? Because she's black and he's white, and it's not a racial story, it's a police discipline story.

It will take generations for Alabama's image to recover from the stain of slavery, segregation, and most of all the violent resistance to the civil rights movement. And certainly racism still exists. But I personally have attended two inter-racial weddings. Both couples are native Alabamians and still live here, and though they probably raise eyebrows sometimes, they do not, as far as I know, live in constant fear. 


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That is good news. I must say I have not witnessed even a hint of racism here. I'm sure it's "out there" at least a bit, but I haven't witnessed it.

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