The Launch of the Thurible
What Will You Love Them With? (Reading Dostoevsky on New Year's Eve)

The library should know better than to let me keep books for a year (because I taught a few courses some years ago and therefore qualify as faculty). It just means that I keep them for over a year. I've now had The Letters of Caryll Houselander since December 21, 2012. Great book, no wonder I don't want to give it back. But I probably wouldn't have gotten it back on time even if I hadn't liked it, because I'm just shiftless. 



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hehehe. It's just some kind of Law of the Universe to return one's library books late.

Well, you work there, they know where to find you!

Yeah, that's also why I don't just steal it, because it's out of print.:-) Or at least it was when I checked it out. And there is no indication that anyone else has ever checked it out.

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