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What you have this time of year in southern Alabama is not Winter. At most it is "winter"...

Live down here for a few years and you'll be griping about 40, too.

Heh. I'd never make it through the first summer. Spring is lovely, though!

Spring and fall are the good seasons here. Since AC became the norm, summer is like winter for the north--unless there is some seasonal sport you like, you stay inside as much as possible.

Having grown up pre-AC, I more or less understand how people could stand the heat. What I really don't understand is how they endured without window screens. Imagine: either you keep the windows closed, and can barely breath, or you open them and are devoured by mosquitoes and other bugs.

In the far north (MN), they do NOT stay inside during the winter. They put on their skis or skates or snow shoes and their layers and go out in it. Or go fishing on the ice. All the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are above average.

Don't those count as the seasonal sports I mentioned, though? In the summer here people put on shorts and t-shirts or bathing suits and do summer sports-play stuff, but most of us don't work outside if we can avoid it.

That's what it is in Indiana - the spring and autumn are lovely, and you just avoid the outside in winter and summer.

Actually, in MN, they don't not go outside in the winter. They certainly don't lounge on the deck, but they also don't huddle inside. They walk around, do sports, etc. All the time. It is as if it isn't really winter.

We were just there, by the way. When we left it was -5F. Which is what it was here in Milwaukee this morning when I woke up.

I went for a walk.

It's the Viking heritage, I guess. Also maybe an alternative to cabin fever.

"Live down here for a few years and you'll be griping about 40, too."

With good reason. 40 is abonimable. But so is 100. Why can't it just be 68 every day?

I've been here for 8 months and can now think in Fahrenheit :)

I avoid the outside as much as possible. It has bugs.

Nice photo, Maclin.

Thanks. Bugs? You shouldn't be having too much trouble with them at this time of year, even in Houston.

Yeah, but I know they're there. Somewhere.


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