52 Guitars: Week 27
Please Pray for Stratford Caldecott and His Family


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The pier is blurry, but the fireworks are spectacular.


They're smeared all around, too, but it's a nice effect. Glad you like it.

Really? The ones on top look very sharp.


Oh wait. Are all those lines coming off the bright lights the smears? Well, that's what makes it look great.

I actually have some similar pictures from our honeymoon. Fireworks over Acapulco Bay.


Actual pictures on paper, probably, from a camera that used that "film" stuff?

Yes, the firework actually was more or less a typical starburst kind of thing, with not that many stars--something small enough that you could buy it and shoot it off yourself, not anything truly spectacular. So this picture really is somewhat prettier.

Polaroid no less. My fireworks were different colors and the shaking made them look like little seahorses.


There is a tool in Picasa (photo editing program) that makes your photo look like it was taken on a Polaroid. That's pretty funny.

I see it just puts a frame around it.


I don't think I've ever tried it.

Nice picture. That would have been a very enjoyable venue for watching fireworks.

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