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Please Pray for Stratford Caldecott and His Family

Grumpy informs us in a comment that Stratford has just received last rites. Please pray for his soul and for the comfort of his family. Grumpy has included this prayer to St. Joseph as patron of departing souls:

Oh, St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God. I place in you all my interests and desires. Oh, St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your devine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary of contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me and ask him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls - Pray for me. 


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Leonie, Strats wife, is v grateful to everyone for praying

Will do.

thanks so much Rob - his wife thanks you all.

I met him briefly, once about 20 years ago. Seemed very likeable and obviously he's brilliant as well. That thing that his daughter did a month or two ago, obtaining that movie that he really wanted to see and getting all those well-wishes from the stars, was very touching.

Please keep us informed, Grumpy. "The distinguished thing"

The family has gone completely silent for 48 hours. No one has heard anything. I'll let

Distinguished thing?

Supposedly Henry James's last words, referring to his approaching death.

Please continue to pray for Strat Caldecott. This morning his wife told someone that his condition is 'indescribable'.

Will do.



So will I.

thanks very much. it must be harrowing.


Thanks Louise

I'm still praying for him and his family.

Thanks. His wife posted the new issue of Second Spring on fb tday

I was just browsing at Amazon and I noticed this new book, which might be of interest to some here:

Without betraying anyone's pseudo-anonymity, let me say: well done! I'm going to get a copy.

Yeah, a friend of mine linked to a review of that on Facebook today--and my friend doesn't even know my friend.


I had not heard of that till I saw your link on Facebook, Janet. I was planning to do a post about it later today or tomorrow. It looks really good.

I'm going to go home and read it.


I didn't see it on Facebook, but I'll have a look.

How'd you get it so quickly, Janet? Kindle version?

Yes, although I'm thinking I might by the book. This is just the first night I've been free to read, and I thought I would treat myself.


there's a review of it on facebook? I must look. It would be nice if the book doesn't just disappear

The book sounds very interesting. Grumpy. Well done. :)

Contrast this with Maclin's latest post about the nudey wrestling woman!

The review is in Crisis magazine. I linked to it.


yes I found it by going to your facebook page. It still surprises me how little of one another's posts we see on fb. At first I thought I was seeing a collage of all my 'friends' posts. But actually they only show a tiny sample. And I have no idea what the criteria are. I have read that the criteria are called 'algorithms' but I could not define an algorithm.

There's a specific series of steps to define an algorithm.

I wonder if it's because you aren't following me. Do you see anything I post? Of course I don't post much.


Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but not long before he passed away I had purchased his most recent book, the one on RC social teaching. I was in the middle of reading it when he died, which was kind of an odd feeling. It's an excellent book, btw.

I think you did. Somebody did, anyway.

An algorithm is just a procedure, like the ones you were taught in school for adding with carry and subtracting with borrow and long division. When Facebook talks about their algorithms they just mean the rules implemented in software that determine what you see. They're constantly tweaking them, I think, so that's one reason why they don't seem consistent.

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