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I think it would be good if rabbits walked into Atlas Shrugged.


Yes, rabbits that bear with them a sense of foreboding emptiness.

One day you'll tell me, Dagney.


LOL. What if Lynch had directed Atlas Shrugged?

(There are a few of these mashups on Youtube, but the best by far are Lynch directing 'Dirty Dancing' and 'The Golden Girls.')

I don't know those movies so much of the effect would probably be lost on me. But I would like to see Lynch vs. Atlas Shrugged. It's really easy to see those characters in a Lynchian mode.

Actually it's not important that you know either of them (Golden Girls was a sitcom). What makes them funny is the application of Lynch's style to the silly material.

Sounds very amusing, Rob, I must look them up.

heh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9_Wy6FaEjo

Yes, it is indeed funny.

double heh!


Did I hear about Searching for Sugar Man on this blog? I don't find it in a search, but I can't imagine where else I would have read about it. Maybe it's in the lost comments? Rob?


That's funny, too, Rob.

Odd about Sugar Man. I saw it in recent months, and very definitely discussed it online somewhere, but I can't remember whether it was here or not. It wouldn't have been in the lost comments because it was very definitely this year sometime, I would guess not earlier than May or June.

Sugar Man? -- wasn't me. Haven't heard of it.

Very odd. I have distinct memories of the discussion. Maybe it was on Facebook? I don't read that many blogs so there are only a few candidates there, and I don't think it was any of those.

The movie, btw, is enjoyable. It's about a musician named Sixto Rodriguez who put out an album or two in the early '70s that sold roughly zero copies here, but attracted a kind of cult following in South Africa.

Well, for whatever reason I got it, I was putting off watching it because I thinking I wouldn't like it, but I thought it was great, and Bill did too, which he doesn't always.

You know, when we were dating and first married, if I really loved a movie and he didn't like it, I thought that our entire relationship was in danger. Now I think we can survive stuff like that pretty easily. ;-)


After hearing the band Beach House for the first time a couple years ago, I always kind of thought there was a bit of a David Lynch feel to what they do. Well, I found this yesterday. Heh.


Didn't know where exactly to put this but Mac, did you hear that Slowdive has reunited and is doing a 20-date U.S. tour this fall? Unfortunately, all the dates reasonably close to me are sold out except Toronto, and there aren't any in the South.

Man, do they look different 20+ years on!

(Oh, btw, did you get a chance to watch the Beach House video above?)

Sorry, I missed that comment, so I haven't watched it. But I will. Sometimes when there is a conversation going on one thread I miss things on another.

No, I hadn't heard that about Slowdive. Wonder if they're doing new material. Have you heard any of Mojave 3's work? That was what's-his-name's next project after Slowdive, totally different kind of music, mostly acoustic, and some of it is really good.

Yeah, I like a lot of Mojave 3's stuff. Melodically very similar, but very different in most other ways.

I finally watched the video. Pretty strange. "If wishes were horses...", I guess? I'm trying to decide if it would be more or less strange if I hadn't know who the "singer" is. I do like the song ,and both song and video have some of the Lynchian sonic and visual marks, definitely, but to me they don't really have the same feel.

Yeah, I agree. It's just that their songs do have some of those sonic marks, and then to stumble across that video right after we'd been talking about Lynch...when I saw that it was Ray Wise who came out and started "singing" it just cracked me up.

Weird thing is, I kept expecting something terrible to happen, especially when the one cheerleader started twirling that sword-thing around.

I think the vid may still work for folks don't know who Wise is because he is a fairly recognizable figure. Lots of people would know the face as that of "some actor" even if they didn't know who he is. For the Lynch fan, however, the weirdness of the vid combined with the presence of Wise just add to the humor.

I kept expecting not so much Something Terrible as Something *Really* Weird. Not that it wasn't sufficiently weird.

I can't find your Atlas Shrugged book review so I'm writing here. I gave up this morning, Mac. I can't do the last 300 pages, I just can't (he moans pathetically)! Enough of my life has been wasted already. For a long time I held onto the thin thread of sort of liking Dagny and Hank, as the only characters in the book that were slightly well-rounded and had something redeemable about them. Then I got to the last section, and it's so incredibly annoying and self-satisfying, and I think I dislike John Galt more than anyone else in the book simply due to his smugness. Ugh. For a long time I thought that if you took out the stupid speeches the "good" characters give to the "bad" ones, it was a decent book. It's not. How has this stayed in print for over 50 years, it really is just complete crap. The great crime is that it is terribly long-winded crap. You could forgive a 350 page book much easier.

As I know I’ve said to you more than once, but will repeat for others, I seriously don’t get her appeal as a novelist. Never mind her philosophy, I just don’t understand the people who find AS a gripping exciting etc story. I was actually quite ready to enjoy that aspect of it. But for me it just isn’t there.

I think I remember thinking that the first page or two seemed promising. Then it went downhill.

I’m going to find those posts and link to them.

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