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Daniel Lanois

Most of my entries in this series have emphasized technical brilliance, though not, I hope, empty brilliance: I haven't included anyone who doesn't have something interesting to say musically. But there's a place for people who don't dazzle you with speed, and yet have the ability to move you. Daniel Lanois is one of these.

If he has a lot of money in the bank, it's probably because of his work as producer for many artists whose names are better known than his: Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind), U2 (The Joshua TreeAchtung Baby, and others), Emmylou Harris (the masterpiece Wrecking Ball). One thing most of those recordings have in common is a richly reverberant and mysterious guitar sound which is something of a trademark with him. He's also a brilliant artist in his own right, and if you listen to one of his solo albums you see immediately where that atmosphere comes from. Here are two selections from his solo instrumental album Belladonna.

"The Deadly Nightshade": 




To my taste his albums are a little uneven, but if you were to take the best of all of them you'd have a body of work that would stand with anything produced in the past 50 years. Not only is it brilliant musically, but it shows a deep religious sensibility. From his first solo album, Acadie, here's the instrumental "White Mustang II": 


And here's a non-instrumental track which is a great example of the guitar-based texture and ambience he creates for a song. He's the only player/producer I know who can make a full-on distorted guitar chord feel like a warm embrace. You really need to hear this on a decent sound system to appreciate the instrumental work, because there's nothing ostentatious about it. There's a deep bass line that you probably won't even hear on computer speakers. From Shine, "I Love You":


What is that rare quality that makes a work of art a tear-jerker even though it's not sad?


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Reminds me of David Gilmour.

Hmm, I wouldn't have made that connection. Offhand I can't think of anything that sounds very similar.

Wrecking Ball is one of my all-time favorite albums. I have always thought I should pursue listening more to Lanois' solo stuff and never have. Maybe your blog will make it happen, Mac!

Yes, do! I'm pretty sure you would like at least some of it a lot. I've heard Acadie, For the Beauty of Winona, and Shine, and am not sure which one I'd recommend

The Deadly Nightshade is telling me that my arrest record is online.


Those instrumentals are good work music.


I always wonder, when I see that bit about my arrest records being online, what it says about the target audience for the site where the ad appears.

It could be for people who have actually employed Deadly Nightshade.


I didn't realize that belladonna and deadly nightshade are the same thing. That makes this the title song of the album.

On Youtube I usually get adverts in French or Dutch. But then I listened to Jethro Tull, and the adverts switched to Polish. Very revealing.

Indeed. Who'd have thought Tull was a favorite in Poland?

Havent' even listened to this yet. We have an extremely demanding famous writer staying with us in South Bend.

Well, I've been wondering why you haven't been saying anything lately.

That sounds dreadful.


Of course we want to know what extremely demanding famous writer.

Well, if he's going to cut your grass for you, you shouldn't complain. ;-)


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