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Give me Flannery early.

I'll do one.


Probably Michael Perry. That's already halfway written in my head. I'll do whatever week you want.


Toby, I can't think of any better way to kick it off than with Flannery. Could you do that for the first weekend of the year, which encompasses the 3rd and 4th? Doesn't have to be the weekend--that's just when I'm more likely to have time to post it.

I can do Helprin early on. He's the one I've been thinking about most lately.

I've bought some of Helperin's books but I've not read any yet. I'd be glad of some encouragement to get going on it.

Mac, I can make your deadline.


Where the heck is your review of Sally's book, Brief Light. I want to link to it in a post and I cannot conjure it up by any means that seem logical,like-Sally Thomas, Brief Light, brief, sally?


Never mind. "Sally poetry" worked.

But thanks anyway. ;-)


You're welcome.

I've often noticed that words in titles don't show up in the search. Very annoying. Sometimes they do, but I've frequently spent a while looking for something like that, where I *know* a certain word or phrase was in the title, but the search doesn't find them.

Well, I went looking for a post where Rob talked about Small Town Murder Songs but I couldn't find one that would let me post a comment, so I thought I'd just put this here since it's the last place where Rob said anything.

Anyway, we just watched it, and I thought it was great--although a bit rough for my taste.

And the soundtrack was fantastic.


Also for Rob (since I already told you): I've seen the first three episodes of Broachurch and really like it. Besides the fact that it's a good drama, the cinematography is fantastic.

I am good to go whenever. If nothing else, I can just say what I feel about my authors and throw out a few quotes. I would feel most comfortable beginning with Larry McMurtry, Mac.

Besides being a good drama, I thought the faith element was very well handled in STMS. And yes, the music is outstanding. Glad you liked it, Janet.

I'd very highly recommend 'Locke', the one-man tour de force with Tom Hardy as the businessman whose whole life changes in the course of one 90 minute car ride. The language gets quite rough at times, but Hardy's performance is amazing. He's the only actor you see in the movie. The rest of them are heard as voices on the hands-free mobile in his car.

I like everything about Broadchurch -- acting, music, cinematography -- all of it. I'm currently watching the Danish series "The Killing" which is also excellent.

Rob, I have Locke too. I put them both in my queue when you mentioned them before. And yes, the faith element was handled very well.


Maclin, I'm thinking Thomas Howard instead of Michael Perry for my first one. Anytime will be fine. Just let me know when.


I'm looking forward to reading the series, and to writing a few entries too, but I'm going to need a few months before I start contributing.

Ok, you folks who are ready to go on short notice, if you want me to pick a time--reading back up through the comments: Janet, week 2; El Gaucho, week 3. Did I miss anybody?

Craig, I sure hope you'll be able to contribute, though I understand with a new baby and all that it might not work out. But if or when you can, I'd be happy to have something from you.

I think you may have missed my comment, Mac. I can do Helprin whenever needed.

Not that it matters too much, Mac, but I will begin with Salman Rushdie. It occurs to me that I have read a large amount of Rushdie this past year, so he is quite fresh on my mind. Are you going to post a schedule? Sorry my name keeps changing; I'm having an identity crisis. :-O

Yes, I did miss your comment, Rob, or at least missed its import. I'll put you down for week 4.

Yes, I'm going to post a schedule, El G. There's a link in the sidebar which claims to be assignments and schedule, but currently does not have the latter. Maybe I can do that tonight.

I still want to do Tolkien around March 25 and Merton around Dec. 10. Potok around Yom Kippur (Sept. 22-23). I could do de Lubac as early as you want, preferably before Grumpy does Von Balthasar.

I will do one on Charles Dickens - I see that his name is not mentioned. Sign me up, Mac!

Gosh, I thought someone had Dickens. Maybe I had been considering him myself.

I'll pencil you in, so to speak, for those authors and dates, Robert. How about we go ahead and say the first weekend of February for you to do de Lubac?

"I'll put you down for week 4."

Got it.

As y'all may have noticed, I did not get the schedule updated last night. Will try to remember tonight.

Apropos of nothing, but heard this evening, without a trace of irony: "And when the Archbishop visited he preached on the Council of Nicaea. I can't see myself doing that. I'd much rather preach about who Jesus is."


Unless something really hilarious happens within the next five hours, that's going to be the funniest thing I hear today.

I'm sorry I just shoved it in here at random, but my instinct was to share it. It's too good to remain unshared.

Agreed. No apology needed.


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