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A Blog Housekeeping Question

Does anybody else ever see this annoyance? Now and then when I click on something on the comments page I find myself abruptly redirected to a full-screen advertisment titled something like "A message from our sponsors." It's a very crummy-looking ad that attempts to hold the screen for 30 seconds. 

I think it may be related to the Sitemeter script that runs on every page to collect statistics. If that's the case, it may only do it to me when I'm also logged in to my Sitemeter account. But if it's doing it to other people, I may just get rid of the script. TypePad has its own stats which, while not as detailed as Sitemeter's, are adequate. And anyway the numbers don't change that much. 


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Nope. Never.


That's good, thanks. I may take the script out anyway. I also find that sometimes the blog loads really slowly, and is waiting on various advertising-related sites, which I suspect may also be the Sitemeter script, though it could also be all those YouTube videos.

I also find that sometimes the blog loads really slowly

Yes! It started loading incredibly slowly a couple of months ago for me. I thought maybe it had something to do with my new laptop that's got Windows 8.1 on it.

But I don't have that "A message from our sponsors" thing happening.

Never seen the "message from our sponsors".

It used to be really slow when you had a lot of videos, but I have better DSL now, and don't have a problem.


I get the message from our sponsor. It is ugly and I thought maybe it was trying to plant a cookie in my computer so I don't click on "close" or whatever it says. I usually either wait until it goes away or close and reopen the blog.

The ad seems to like the story about Ellen DeGeneris being dropped by Covergirl.

I seem to recall some sort of page a while back but I haven't seen it for some time. It was a pain though!

Yep, that's it, Robert. I couldn't remember what the ad was about. So, if even one person got it, that's enough reason for me to remove the script. I don't know what makes it do that once in a long while, but in any case I sure don't want people seeing it when they come here.

Robert and Louise, are your blogs on TypePad?


No, I see Louise's isn't. Do you have Typepad accounts?


I don't have a typepad account.

Robert's is on Blogger.

I haven't, but I do have an ad blocker. I saw some kind of google ad at the bottom of the page a few times though, seemingly at random.

Odd. I've never seen that. Anybody else?

I never see any ads, but I have AdBlock on my browser.

I think it definitely loads faster. And the two or three "Waiting on..." URLs that I often noticed sitting there for a long time are not appearing anymore. I guess that's the end of Sitemeter for me.

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