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Ok, I got the first entries in the schedule--see the link in the sidebar, or just click here. I'm going to use the Sunday of the week as the target date. It would be nice if you could get me your pieces a few days before the Sunday, in case I have trouble formatting it or some question.

You should be able to send it to me in any reasonably common format. Plain text is ok. You can just type it into an email if you want to. Microsoft Word. Anything supported by Open Office. I'll certainly let you know if it's something I can't work with. 

I don't plan to do any content editing, except possibly for spelling or similar errors. I'm not worried about anyone who's participating saying anything so offensive to my sensibilities that I wouldn't want to publish it.

El Gaucho and I were talking about this, and he wondered what I was expecting, and if a few paragraphs about the author, why he likes him or her, and maybe some representative quotes would be sufficient. Well, first of all: yes, definitely. That's pretty much what I intend to do with my authors. I don't plan to attempt a big critical essay. And second of all: in my mind there are no very definite expectations, except that a piece about Charles Dickens should be about Charles Dickens. Within reasonable limits, the pieces can be as long or as short as you like, though I figure people aren't likely to go over a couple of thousand words, and most pieces will probably be less (for comparison, the average blog post here is under a thousand words). 

Let me know if I made any mistakes or left anything out in the schedule. 


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I sent one of my entries off to your email today. I hope it works OK, but please let me know if it got through rather than e.g. being eaten by your spam filter or the electron fairies. (I have been mildly paranoid about spam filters since getting a job application eaten by one some years ago...)

Curve breaker!

Actually, I'm really impressed.


The one I just sent off pretty much wrote itself, and I figured it's better to have it in early. The other two of mine will require actual work, and I regard them with some trepidation. (Assessing Madach will require finally reading Paradise Lost all the way through just for comparison purposes.)

Saw the email before I saw this, and it arrived fine. I haven't read it yet. I'm impressed with the amount of work you're putting into this.

I'm working hard, but it's slow going. Still, there will be something. ;-)


Excellent. I have heard from Week 1's contributor and expect to have that piece before the weekend is out.

Oh darn. Last night, I thought I left a comment asking when you needed mine, but I must not have posted it or something.

So, when to you absolutely need it?


Okay, so now I know. ;-)


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