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52 Guitars: Week 48

Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie (ING-vay) is arguably the very fastest guitar player in the world. Which certainly doesn't mean he's the best musician; I have to say that to my taste, a little of this goes a long way. But dang....

"Black Star": 


Many minds were boggled, I understand, when his album Rising Force was released in 1984.

"Far Beyond the Sun": 


As a piece of music, this might be my favorite of the three that I've posted: "Leviathan":



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You've reminded one that it is not merely the incredible talent of the musician but also the ability to connect with the listener. He never did it for me.

Doesn't for me, either, as I guess is clear from the post. But pretty amazing technically.

Scott, Scott, Scott! That is exactly what I was trying to say to you before! You can have all your little fact ducks in a row, but if you don't have the ability to connect with your opposite number, it just won't do!


So you've revealed a character flaw of mine. Good for you. It's something I've worked on for some time. Part of it is my New York edginess; a cross I bear.

Well, I've been married to a man from New Jersey for 43 years and he seems to have completely shed the edginess of the area--although the NJ kind and the NY kind are different.


Indeed, perhaps when I reach that anniversary, I'll be properly re-programmed. Something to aim for. After survival...

Example of some guitarists who were not considered outstanding but connected with the listener to such a degree that they were phenomenal:
***Toy Caldwell ( Wow )
***Ricky Hirsch and Wick Larsen with
Jimmy Hall laying down soulful vocals and heart wrenching mouth harp.
***Ronnie Van Zant
***Dickie Betts
***Tom Johnston
***Lowell George
***Boz Scaggs (and Steve Miller)
***Stevie Ray Vaughn
***Tom Petty
(and many others)

I know most of those names, but with the exception of SRV and DB don't know them as guitar players particularly. I included Dickie in my Duane post in this series. Which I guess would irritate him--still being treated as the lesser. I'm surprised you would put SRV in the "not considered outstanding" category. He has a lot of very zealous fans among guitarists. Personally I don't find his style real appealing, but that's just my taste--he's extremely good.

I used to love a couple of the early Steve Miller Band albums. I'll have to dig out the LPs sometime--haven't heard them in decades. I didn't care much for the '70s stuff that's so popular. Saw him on Austin City Limits (or something similar) not too long ago and was disappointed--just sort of a greatest hits run-through.

SRV, genuinely outstanding, in talent, skill, and connection to a broad audience.
Use of "phenomenal" perhaps a bit extreme. Exceptional. In artistic expression and connection with listener.
These were a few examples. Boz Scaggs and Jimmy Hall of particular interest to me.
Fifteen years ago was introduced to a band from Arizona: Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Clyne would be included here as well. His tequila is notable as well (Weber Blue Agave). Inspired his song, "Mexican Moonshine".

He's a musician and a tequila producer? Appropriate combination. :-)

Jimmy Hall is local guy (Mobile, Alabama) and plays in this area fairly often, I think. I was actually never much of a fan of what was called "southern rock" myself, apart from the Allmans.

Could it be that you are too close to the trees to see the forest? (kidding)
Nonetheless, you will be given a pass. Your taste in music is varied enough to be enlightened. Good for you.

If you've not featured, Trace Bundy, he is worth a mention.

Don't recognize the name but I'll take a look. Or listen, rather.

Saw Stanley Jordan a couple of years ago. He still wows the crowd. And Earl Klugh always has magic which touches the heart. Love playing his old vinyl.

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