Of Interest to Dylan Fans


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These people have not watched enough X-Files. When corpses of any age begin to display alarming changes of this sort, you don't ask questions about why it's happening. By the time you get the answer, you are turning into black ooze. The only safe thing to do at this point is get a blowtorch.


Gosh, you're right. I thought this was ringing a faint bell in my mind, but couldn't quite figure out why. This could be the beginning of the end.

Or perhaps just the beginning of a series of peculiar but ultimately meaningless events bound together by no coherent narrative thread.

Or maybe both.


Climate change soured my cow's milk, made my goat barren, and withered my crops! At least this superstitious explanation for every inopportune circumstance doesn't require a smear campaign against the local eccentric spinster. OTOH it appears to require some kind of guilt sacrifice from the population and that's not good either.

Heh. So far the population has had a voice in whether or not the sacrifice should be made, and has not consented.

I've often thought that there is some fixed quantity of puritanical self-righteousness in the American soul that is always going to attach itself to something. It's found a home in certain quarters of the left these days. Maybe it also encompasses the witch-hunting impulse.

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