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When my soon-to-be son-in-law was in town a couple of weeks ago, he told me he wanted to see the Memphis Pyramid. It was a foggy day and as we got close to it I was thinking, "Surely we should be able to see it by now," but it just wasn't there. I drove across that bridge you can see running behind it in the picture I linked to, and we could just barely see the outline of the bottom. We couldn't see the top at all. It was rather surreal.


I know what you mean. I've had many such moments over the years coming across Mobile Bay in the fog. Like being on the elevated bridge and not being able to see anything except the bridge itself, and not much of it.

I know that place! Bonnie and Tully knew exactly where it was - in spite of the missing horizon.

I'm pleased that y'all remember it, especially the young ones.

Oh yeah. It was a very memorable day. And a great location.

We still call Emmitt and Lucas "the bros" (which is what Felix called them).

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