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Thanks for this, Anne-Marie. I am currently reading her Arthurian trilogy -- starting with The Sword and the Circle -- and I've been enjoying it tremendously. As you say, these stories may be intended for children, but there is nothing in them to dissuade an adult from enjoying them as well.

I've also read her version of the Beowulf story; I liked it, but not so much as the Arthurian tales. A few months ago I tried to order a nice set of the Eagle of the Ninth books that I found on discount, but I was later informed that they were sold out. It sounds like I should keep looking.

When I was looking for a book jacket to add to this post, I found several Eagle of the Ninth covers which said "Soon to be a major motion picture." I wonder if it just didn't get made, or was made but wasn't that major, or was made under a different name.

I remember seeing trailers for that moviea and I was looking forward to it. Thanks for your great piece Anne Marie

I haven't read her Beowulf. Can you compare it to Ian Serraillier's version?

There was a movie, called just "The Eagle," but I don't think it was very major. Apparently there was also a BBC-TV mini-series in 1977.

This must be it. Mixed reviews, but Roger Ebert gave it 3 out of 4 stars.

The film was rather poor, but had a couple of Hollywood stars in it. Does that count as "major"? There's a trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taRnzi9pKFM.

The BBC series was very good, or seemed so when I was a child. It had everybody on the primary-school playground playing at Romans and Britons.

Sutcliff's Beowulf is one of her weaker works.

There's an interview with her here that made an impression on me when it was first broadcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p009mj4y

I listened to that interview again just a couple of weeks ago, when looking for material for listening exercises, but now the link isn't working for me. This one does: http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/desert-island-discs-archive-1981-1985/episodes/dida-rosemary-sutcliff

This is really good, Anne-Marie. I makes me think I need to get my copies someplace that my grandkids can reach.


Anne-Marie, I can't compare Sutcliff's Beowulf to Serraillier's. I tried to get my hands on the latter a while ago, but I didn't succeed.

O man I need to raise my game


So do I, Grumpy. Next up: Louise on Belloc.

Wish I'd known about Rosemary Sutcliff's books when my daughter was growing up; she would have loved them. But it's not too late for my granddaughter, who just turned eight. Thanks for the fine introduction, Anne-Marie.

I thought I was next, for 10 April? I re-read the Wrinkle in Time yesterday. Am I the following week?

Well, actually I don't have anything on the schedule between April 5 and Sept.20, so I was a little surprised, not to mention relieved, when I got Louise's Belloc piece. I must have missed some signups. By all means, consider the following week yours if you want to.

OK, I will write my 'Wrinkle in Time' piece for Sunday 19 April

Wonderful. Thanks. I'll put it on the schedule, in case anyone else looks. I keep telling myself to go ahead and do the other two I've planned, at least, so I'll have something in case we end up with a week or two (I hope not many) with no one scheduled.

It will be at least well into May before I can get to Newman.

Thanks Anne-Marie. I must dig out these books (we have at least two) and read them myself!

I'm on the road to my first grandchild's baptism, and these comments are really making me look forward to reading to him.



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