52 Authors: Week 16 - Madeleine L'Engle

Anybody planning to have a piece for the 52 Authors series this weekend?

I don't have anybody on the schedule but maybe I just forgot to update it. If no one else has anything, I think I'll go ahead and do Eliot. I had sort of intended to read some of his prose that I've either never read or only read once long ago, but I could do something on the poetry without much prep. 

And if somebody has signed up, I will try to get myself to go ahead and work on a couple of these. There is a long empty stretch on the schedule ahead.


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I can Do Gilson - not this Sunday but the one after. It will be very loosey goosey

Great. If you like I'll consider that tentative against the possibility that someone else will volunteer. That would be two in three weeks for you. If I do Eliot this weekend it will be pretty loosey-goosey.

Ok I can do it off the top of my head

I am afraid I'm not going to be much good until after the wedding. I really want to finish the Virtues and you I can't do loosey-goosey. I am reading in preparation for the next one, though.


I would LOVE to write something loosey-goosey, but when I sitting down to write, some OCD monster awakens within me.


Well If I wemt Professorial OCD on this post it would be incomprehensible

I can well imagine. Perhaps you'll inspire me to read the Gilson-on-Aquinas book I've owned for many years.

4:05am? 2:49am? I'm sorry for you both.

I'd been awake for over an hour at that point. I feel sorry for me, too.

I wrote another comment after Grumpy's btw, but it was kind of dumb and may not be worth retrieving.


Nothing in the spam catcher.

All it said was that I can be incomprehensible without going to such exalted heights.


I had someone banging on the back door in the early hours the third time in three months. I called the police then sat around drinking tea - couldnt go back to bed

That would be a bit scary. Probably scarier here.


Scary indeed. I don't wonder that sleep did not return.

We think maybe a call girl agency has this address. It wss ok when I had a friend staying but this time I just got scared and called the police. They came very briskly, three cars. I hope the girls got the message if they saw it

Somehow, our old phone number was passed around as the number of a woman named Alberta. About 11pm, drunk men would start calling the house looking for her. That, however, was rather amusing except for the fact that 11 o'clock phone calls can wake up sleeping children.

That phone number was only one digit different from that of the Fun Shop--magic and practical jokes, not that kind of fun. People would call and say, "Do you have rubber snakes?" or "Do you have itching powder?"


I don't understand. There is actually prostitution going on in the neighborhood?

I've just emailed something to you that I hope will be suitable. It might be a bit on the long side for a blog post ...

Not in this neighbourhood that I know of. It is a geuss that its a call girl agency because the ones we have actually seen at the foor have been women. We geussed that at one time an agency had this house on its books. The previous owner used to rent the house out on football weekends. Can you think of any other readon why very persistent young women would bang on the door of a house between midnight and 4 am? This is the fourth or fifth time it has happened. I didnt see them this time . The banging started and I called the police

Thanks, Paul. I'll check my email shortly. Mr. Eliot gets a reprieve. I don't know what I would consider too long. Haven't encountered it yet.

Oh, I was assuming it was men, Grumpy. My first guess would be that a drug dealer had lived there. But if it's all women...

No it was a nice family who kept the house in good condition
Im a setback to my neighbours
My oredecessor organized the block summer party

My neighbour's son just told me on fb that that banging happens at their house too

My mother lived in the vicinity of Reading University for a while. Drunk students heading back to their digs in the wee hours would often get mixed up as to where they were and what they should do about it. Might that be a factor?

The one time I got a good look at them, it was two women, and they came and banged on the front door at 2 am and I told them to go and they went and sat in their car and then they came back and banged at the back door. They did not seem drunk at all, no. I lived 50 yards from Aberdeen University for 10 years and I know all about drunk students banging on doors. These are not drunk students.

This is middle class suburbia, 40 minutes walk from a mid western University.

There is an odd kid who lives next door - one of a family of four boys and two parents. He is a survivalist. When the previous owners lived here, the police chased a criminal down this street and the criminal crashed his car into the sunroof of this house. He leapt out and ran into the neighbour's back yard. Then he fell into the hole dug by the survivalist kid, and was captured by the police. The kid had dug it because that's what survivalists do.

This was his one great success in life. He seems a bit backward or out of things. He's always snooping around, hoping to capture more criminals.

I just noticed that on Friday morning while the police was here, the survivalist boy messaged me on facebook. I was getting hundreds of messages from my family that day and didn't see it. He texted to see if I was OK. I told him what happened and he said that they had had door bangers too in the past three months. Only one, about three months ago. I told him this was my fourth.

In Aberdeen between 1996 and 2004 I lived in a flat with a little Attick, and Theodore Gillick, one of the 'Gillick Ten' lived in the Attick. One night he got so enraged by a drunken student backing on the door at 2 am that he ran down the stairs in his underpants and chased the guy down the street.

"Gillick Ten"? Would that be one of the offspring of Victoria Gillick?

I can't imagine what those girls are doing banging on your door if they aren't drunk or seeking drugs. Sounds like something a semi-hysterical rejected lover might do at the house of a boyfriend, but it's hard to see multiples at the same house. Some guy, if that's it. And it sounds like they're not hysterical. I think that type is usually screaming as well as banging. I don't follow the prostitution connection: are you thinking they are desperately looking for work at 2am?

We thought an agency might have this house on its books from the past or by mistake. They look like they might be working girls. They dont look drunk. There are alwYs two

Yes one of Mrs Gillick's ten

so what is the line up exactly now?

Is it Paul in the first week of May, Mack on Eliot in the second week of May and me on Gilson in the third week of May?

It's Paul today--I'll post it later this evening. So I can take next week, which is the first week of May. If you can take the second week of May (weekend of Sunday the 10th), that would be good. Or if not, either I or someone else will undoubtedly rise to the occasion.

Ok im second week of may

Excellent. I've updated the schedule (for a change).

Give me June 14 for Sheldon Vanauken.


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