52 Authors: Week 15 - Hilaire Belloc
"Notoriously dismal"

Giotto's Virtues and Vices

Not his personal ones, but the ones he painted, a series of fourteen on the seven virtues and seven vices. Janet is doing a series of posts on them, and they're fascinating. I have much less interest in the visual arts than in literature and music, and I rarely pay truly close attention to paintings. I don't think I've looked at anything as closely as Janet is doing in these posts since I took an art history class in college, and I'd forgotten how much there can be to see. And in this case, Giotto being a great Catholic artist, there is wisdom beyond the simple visual interest. This link will take you to a page containing the whole series. They're in reverse chronological order, so you might want to start with the one at the bottom, since later posts may refer to earlier ones.


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Thank you very much. It's a really good idea to scroll down and start at the beginning because today's picture is the least interesting. ;-)


Although it's not posted quite yet.


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