Good Friday, and All of Holy Week In Art

I know I said I wasn't going to post till Sunday, but I think it's appropriate to pass this on. Janet Cupo has been doing a series of Holy Week posts based on the art of Giotto, and it's really good. I was especially touched by the Good Friday series. I will make a confession: I have never cared much for Stations of the Cross. I've never been moved by it in the way I'm supposed to be. These paintings, and Janet's commentary, are more effective for me.

Here's the whole series:

Palm Sunday

The Raising of Lazarus

The Betrayers

Spy Wednesday

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Or all on one page, latest first.


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Thank you.


Self promoting. ;-)

This will get you the whole series (backward) and stays current as more are added.


Good, I added that link to the post--thanks.

I went through the whole series with my kids this morning. Very nice. Next year we'll do the Fra Angelico ones. Now to the lamb cake.

Are we supposed to be moved by Stations of the Cross? I must have been doing it wrong.

I must admit, I sometimes am. Actually, I think I usually am.


To me it depends on the artwork and the meditations. For instance, we have a booklet that has the text from this web page. The booklet has different (better) pictures. I'm not at home so I can't say who produced the original. These are very moving for my wife and I. It has come to mean a lot to our family. Often, though, I'm not moved very much with other meditations or artwork.

Ugh. I did that thing.

Robert, those are the ones we said in our old parish. I like them fine except for the reading from Isaiah in the 3rd Station.

I like the Ligouri stations the best. I know they are archaic and overly-sentimental, but I like them anyway, although I am seldom overly-sentimental. They also say things that I cannot possibly live up to like, "I love Thee more than I love myself." Well, no. I'm not sure I love anybody more than I love myself, but I would like to love Him more than I love myself. I think I probably like them because I grew up with them.


I've been trying to wrap my mind around the concept of the wrath of God for some time now. I know we can't just dismiss it. It is too scriptural and embedded in the tradition. No one wants their daddy to be mad at them.

It's not the wrath of God that's the problem for me, it's that I don't see how that scripture fits in that place--how it relates to Jesus falling under His cross in complete humility.


Hm. Never thought about that.

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