Good Friday, and All of Holy Week In Art
52 Authors: Week 14 - Rosemary Sutcliff

"I'd be buried in Georgia, if I could have my way, but it's a far piece to Georgia and nobody's gonna tote me. So I'll be buried up here in this cold," he added. "I don't like this cold. Of course, they say when you're dead the temperature don't concern you, but who knows the truth on that?"

"I don't," Call said.

"People got opinions, that's all they've got," the old man grumbled. "If somebody was to go and come back, now that's an opinion I'd listen to."

--Larry McMurtry, from Lonesome Dove


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That opinion would certainly be an interesting one! This quote reminds me of the title of a Lewis Grizzard book I owned years ago, If I Ever Get Back to Georgia I'm Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground.

I thought it was a nice sort of sideways Easter message.

By the way, you mentioned in your McMurtry piece a line from one of his novels that you thought was very moving. I was reminded, while looking for this quote Saturday afternoon (took a while), of an expression of grief in Lonesome Dove that I thought was very powerful: someone standing for hours beside the buggy carrying someone's coffin (not using names to avoid spoilers).

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