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I think I own 'Long Distance Runner' - from years and years ago when the Telegraph was giving away DVDs every saturday. I got such a huge stack of cheap DVDs I never watched them all. Stillitoe was one of the angry young men of the 1960s - he came from a Northern town, and (if I've got the right angry young man) he told Michael Wharton that he wanted to drive back to the working class he came from in a rolls royce accompanied by two naked women covered in jewels. I would like to watch this one day.

I've never wanted to watch Billy Liar. I know the story line and it's unappealing to me for some reason.

You want to watch 'Long Distance Runner' or you want to watch Stillitoe driving a Rolls Royce accompanied by two naked women covered in jewels?


Tom Courtenay is an actor I remember liking when I was young, but when I look at his films, I don't see many that I'm familiar with--Dr. Zhivago, King Rat. I was thinking he was in A Taste of Honey, but no.

And now I want to see A Taste of Honey again to see what I think of it now.


I haven't seen Taste of Honey. I'm curious now about several other movies in the filmographies of both these directors.

It's doubtful that I'll ever watch Runner again, but Billy I probably will. I like that just-before-the-Sixties quality.

Grumpy, if you didn't watch the BL trailer, and you have the least doubt about whether you might want to see it someday, watch the trailer, and it will surely decide the question one way or the other. It's fascinating, how much these old trailers reveal--how long they are, and how coherent, in comparison to today's slam-slam-slam, 2 or 3 second glimpses.

Oh, and the censor's no-nonsense stamp of approval on the LLDR one was kind of striking. What a relic that is...

A TAste of Honey is also in my stack of Telegraph give aways

That's a VERY appealing trailer for Billy Liar. I will take a look ans see if it is in my stAck

I think A Taste of Honey must have been really pushing the envelope in its time-1961-an unwed teen mother (baby's father was black) and a gay young man. Funny thing is that I don't remember if I knew that the young man was gay. I don't think I did. I must have been about 13 when I saw it and was naive even for the early sixties. Now I really want to see it again.


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