Anybody planning to have a piece for the 52 Authors series this weekend?
A Young Girl in Red, 1913


When I got this off the camera I thought it was more purple than it should be. Still pretty, though. I remember as a child with a coloring book and crayons coloring something dark green and dark purple, and someone telling me those colors didn't go together. Every now and then over the years I've seen that combination and thought "Yes they do."



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I never noticed Wisteria in Memphis until we moved to Mississippi, where there is a lot. Then I noticed huge areas in Memphis where it was everywhere. It is so fragrant.

I always liked purple and green. This looks almost blue on my screen.


Wisteria growing out in the open is one of the things that make Maryland feel like the South with a capital S to this Yankee Canuck.

I will accept that it seems like the South to you. :-)

"...almost blue..." That's what I remember seeing when I took the picture. Maybe the camera is color-biased in some way (it was my phone, not a good camera). Or maybe I was just confusing it with hydrangea.

That is a very nice picture--like a little Japanese lantern. I am having the blue dress syndrome while looking at it, though. I can make it purple or I can make it blue.


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